ITEM® IT &TELECOM EXPENSE MANAGEMENT NEOBIS is specialized in Telecom Lifecycle Management, that helps you optimize, develop and manage the entire lifecycle of telecommunications to its customers, in order to create a high impact on cost reduction and technological modernization.

NEOBIS provides managed services and outsourcing, with a unique combination of professionals and a deep knowledge of the telecommunications market, the ones who apply the best practices in the industry and its experience in the use of proven methodologies, which added to the use of its specialized management platform ITEM® drives efficiency and competitiveness in its customers.

The ITEM® management solution combines the expertise of specialized professionals, management processes and specialized management software platform, which maximize efficiency in 6 key management points:

Financial Management: Invoices control.
Assets Management: Stock Control.
Orders Management: Provision Control.
Suppliers Management: Contracts control.
Knowledge Management: Permanent analysis of the business and presentation of reports to take strategic decisions.
Strategic Sourcing: Continous optimization
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