TEM Alliance Americas

Alliance for Telecommunications Expense Management in the Americas.
The Alliance
TEM Alliance represents a group of comanies specialized in telecommunications expenses management in America. Our alliance has qualified staff, leading technology and the most advanced methodologies to provide the best cost saving levels, controls and visibility of their spending in telecommunications.

TEM Alliance offers specialized services all around America, counting together with:
• Presence in 6 countries: USA, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Chile and Argentina.
• Continental services coverage.
• 345 specialists in telecommunications expenses management.
• More than 250 customers using our services.
• Over $ 50 million in savings achieved for our clients.
• Experience with virtually all telecommunications carriers in the region.
By hiring the services of a TEM Alliance member, your organization obtains:
• Global solutions with regional knowledge and local performance.
• Regional coverage.
• Worldwide implementation of the best TEM industry practices, adequated for regional and each country necessities.
• Standardized services to all members of the group.
• Regional Centers of Excellence for different areas of expertise.
TEM Alliance has provided significant benefits in savings and control to organizations all over the American continent, with typical savings ranging from 15% to 40% of the expenses in fixed, mobiles and data telecommunications, in multiple areas such as billing, inventory, contracts negotiation and personal use.

Our clients include leading organizations in various sectors such as:
• Financial.
• Pharmaceutical and healthcare.
• Retail.
• Education.
• Manufacturing.
• Governments.
• Among many others.
TEM Alliance provides all services related to the life cycle management of telecommunications, among which are included:

What industry analysts say:
"Between 7% and 12% of the charges for telecommunications services contain errors."
- Aberdeen

"The 80% of the companies will overpay an average of 15% more in mobile telephony services by 2014"
- Gartner

"On average, the 31% of the minutes on mobile phone plans are not used. Typically, users with business plans use only 13% of their allotted data plan."

"If your company does not have a TEM program currently, the ROI of your investment in TEM will be significant. TEM industry suggests typical savings of at least 10% with a high probability of achieving a savings of about 20%."
- Forrester
About TEM Alliance
The experience and capabilities of TEM Alliance members, allows us to offer to organizations of several sizes, sectors and of multinational coverage, a wide services and software portfolio to achieve significant results in savings, control and visibility in their fixed and mobile telecommunications expenses.
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